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Special Offers

We bring fresh spices from our Kohli's store daily.

Mintt's fresh ground spices

Did you ever try a restaurant where everything 'looks' different but 'tastes' same? Well we are not that Restaurant!

Authentic Indian cooking doesn't allow for 'one-spice-fits-all' recipes.

Our chefs mastered the art of blending the right spices made separate for each and every dish on our 200+ item menu! A slight variation in the spice mix can bring an entirely different taste and flavor to the dish. Blending spices is time taking and needs to be 'timed' well while preparing. We don't just drop everything in a blender and let them churn! For an authentic taste each spice needs to be added at the right time in right proportions to bring the best flavor.

We offer spice levels of 1-10 to meet suit your requirements. Try experimenting with different spice levels and enjoy the surprising variations in the taste!